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Esthetic Model

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If you ever considered getting to know honeybees more this is the right product for you. The Esthetic model is made for observing and enjoying the honeybee micro world. This offer is ideal for keeping honeybees in your home and getting used to your new hobby and will attract the attention of all the people (5–105 years) without any doubt, keeping your customers and visitors amused.

This model includes:

  • Hexagonal body
  • Feeder
  • Entrance set
  • Bee Box
  • Rotary wall mount
  • Barrier cards
  • Attachment for the queen bee


Product Benefits

The esthetic model could be used as ambient decoration and educational assets. By activating the Beeamond system you can stimulate the pollination process and support biodiversity in local areas. If you are already rearing honeybees this product can be a great monitoring device and indicator for processes that happen in your bee yard (e.g. flying activities, forage income, pollen abundance). Watching honeybees hatching, communication dancing and wax combs building can give you real peace of mind and deeper insight into natural processes that occur around these gentle beings.


The Esthetic model provides the first experience of having an indoor bee colony enabling you to gather knowledge about everything that these 150 million years old beings can supply for humans. It is a laser-cut precision-made system made of resistant acrylic glass with guaranteed safety of contactless beekeeping because of the usage of barrier cards.







Many people today are looking for healthier ways of living and are turning to organic food products. Beeamond system is an innovative product specifically designed to allow you to collect all kinds of the honey bee products indoors. Innovatively designed with applications used for gathering bee products (honey, pollen and propolis) and services (beehive air inhalation and bee venom therapy). The whole system is made of highly transparent, durable organic glass, which is perfectly safe for the contactless beekeeping in interior environments.

The Beeamond system may be installed in living rooms, business areas, restaurant lounges, and educational entities etc. A completely safe system designed to prevent honey bees from leaving the beehive in interior while allowing bees to travel outside freely. The indoor beehive comes with an adjustable wall mount with simple installation to the using screws. The wall mount is mechanically designed to rotate the whole system. An additional hole in the wall should be made to provide an installation of the exit and entry hose which allow the honey bees an avenue of travel.

After the mounting you need to colonize the Beeamond system with honey bees. Every model has a wooden Bee box which you can use for transporting honey bees from a bee yard to Beeamond system. The optimal quantity for a wooden Bee box is around 0.5 kg of honey bees. The honey bee queen is introduced through a separate attachment.

The Beeamond system contains a feeder attachment which allows you to feed your colony during any period of nectar shortage. If your bee population declines for whatever reason you can always introduce extra honey bees via the B-box to strengthen the colony.

The amount a bee produces is directly related to where the bees are and what season of the year it is. If you have good honey, pollen and propolis forage you will be able to collect larger quantities of every product. Pollen is the product that is be the most attainable, even up to a table spoon of pollen grains per day during good pollen forage. Bee inhalation and bee venom therapy elements can be used with unlimited access.

Honey bees have a very precise sense of orientation, so once they begin to use the entrance hose they will know will know their way in and out. If you install the Beeamond system according to the instructions you will not have any problems whatsoever. You should set up Beeamond system at least 1 - 1.5 meters away from windows, balconies, passing tunnels, etc.

A honey bees aggressiveness traits are directly correlated with colony size, so strong colonies can activate more bees for protection of nest. Since the Beeamond System doesn’t produce a large colony, you will not have any problems with the bees defensive behavior. Small colonies are mainly focused on bee hive maintenance.

With our Esthetic and Productive models you don’t need you to have deep beekeeping knowledge to have them installed and function in your place. Apart from that, our Professional model has some parts (as honey collector or bee venom set) in which previous experience is desirable.

In the global market there are many observation hives, none of them are productive in any way. Our original System is a productive observation hive and instead of giving you just a visual experience you are able to attain all the bee products and health benefits in a unique way

The Beeamond system is made of organic glass (food grade acrylic) shatter-resistant, strong and flexible, FDA approved material. The whole hexagonal construction doesn’t contain any adhesive, and these parts are manually adjusted.