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Outside slots of the Hexagonal Body are for the bee stopper cards and the inner slots are for the queen excluder cards. Additional openings are used for cleaning the inside of the system. On every hexagonal body, there is a unique serial number engraved and a hologram plate which ensures the Beeamond origin.
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Security cards provide a safe and easier manipulation of modules, easy to use and standardized for all additional attachments. Queen excluders limits the queen bee from overpopulating the bee colony effectively.
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The Propolis Collector is one of the accessories, which contains a single plate with many hexagonal openings. Over time, bees close these openings by filling them with propolis. The production Propolis is a slow process that lasts throughout the whole season. Significant amounts of propolis can also be obtained from the card slots located on all sides.
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The Feeder is one of the most interesting observation point because it allows you the exclusive opportunity to watch the process of the bees foraging for food and placing into the honey comb. It is designed for making the colony sustainable when the natural forage period is not active.
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The Bee Box is the only wooden part of the Beeamond system. Its purpose is to transport the honey bees from a bee yard to the place where you installed your Beeamond system. The Bee Box comes with its own stopper card slot. After colonization you can disconnect and disassemble it. If the honey bee population drops below optimal level, you can add additional bees to the Beeamond System at any time of the year.
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The Entrance Set consists of the following; entrance hose, connection joint and two wall-hole covers. Connection joint has its own slot for stopper card so you can block the bees if necessary for any reason. The wall-hole covers come in a non-transparent white color and are paintable to match the color of your wall.
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The Pollen collector is a triangle-shaped attachment intended for collecting pollen grains. Prior to activation of pollen collection, you have to insert a perforated card. The honey bees pass through the perforated card, and the pollen falls directly into the drawer, where you quickly discover different colors of the collected pollen when the foraging period is active.



Long lasting components

The Beeamond indoor beehive system offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of beekeeping while ensuring total safety in the comfort of your own home. You can have the ultimate experience in observing the ongoing process of the bees in the production of honey. The whole hexagonal construction has been specifically designed to be manually adjusted.


Easy way to mount

The Beeamond system comes with a metal wall mount. An additional hole in the wall needs to be made before an installation. The entire system can be installed on the wall in living rooms, business areas, restaurant lounges, educational unities, etc. The metal carrier is mechanically designed to rotate the whole system allowing for a 360 degree of observation.


Health care

Humanity has benefited from bee products over the centuries in the treatment and prevention of various health issues including bee venom therapy which has been employed for many countries as an alternative medicine. With all the additional attachments The Beeamond Professional model can be considered your home pharmacy. Its wide range of functions provides you with additional possibilities to improve your wellbeing and introduce new healthy habits in your everyday life.


Bee venom therapy

Bee venom is one of the products produced by female worker bees. The biological properties of bee venom have been and are recommended in treatment of a wide range of health disorders, including:
-Rheumatoid arthritis
-Ovarian, prostate and breast cancer
-Reducing the negative reactions to chemotherapy
-Parkinson’s disease
-Alzheimer’s disease
Bee Venom gives you an opportunity to single out a honey bee for the purposes of bee venom therapy. It has a movable acrylic syringe which is designed to receive a honey bee. After isolating a bee you can apply the bee-sting at any part of the body.

Produce your own fresh honey

Honey collector

Honey Collector allows additional space to the whole hexagonal body where bees can store extra honey. This element should be attached when honey bees reach their optimum colony size and during the peak of the nectar foraging season. It has four sections with door-sliders that are surrounded with openings for stopper cards. All the door-sliders are secured with additional screws. In accordance with the Beeamond manual you can make bee free zone in your honey collector and safely consume the honey. In the lower part of honey collector there is a slot for the queen excluder card so the queen bee cannot lay eggs in that part of the beehive.

All honey bee products

Immunity improvement